How Matcha Green Tea is produced in Japan? Posted on 9 Apr 21:06 , 0 comments

Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea is becoming very popular worldwide. You can find so many Matcha second sellers out there. Japanese people don't know those brands because they buy matcha from matcha production company (matcha brand) in Japan and past their own brand label on the outside of the original matcha package or tin can. So your matcha might be the one that is not popular in Japan.

You might get tired to find truly high quality Matcha Green Tea because Matcha dose not come cheep and there are many not high quality Matcha with super high prices.

Here is a short movie about Making Matcha. The Matcha factory in this film is the factory of our Matcha brand (Marukyu Koyamaen). They are well respected amongst tea connoisseurs, they pride themselves on the excellent quality of their products.

We offer their high quality organic matcha with the most reasonable prices for our customers. We pride the many numbers of repeat customers, not one-time customers! Read our customers' reviews Here!