How to find a high quality Matcha Green Tea. Posted on 14 May 00:39 , 0 comments

It is very difficult to find a high quality Matcha Green Tea outside Japan.
Then, How can I find a high quality Matcha Green Tea?

1. - Check the color of the Matcha powder. High quality Matcha has bright green color. If a Matcha seller dose not show you the color of their Matcha, it is not kind for customers.

High Quality Matcha Green Tea

2. -  A tin keeps tea fresher for much longer. In Japan, most of Matcha are sold in a tin. There is no chance for Matcha second sellers to add sugar into Matcha, if it is in a tin.

 Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha Green Tea.

3. - Try famous Matcha brands (Matcha production companies) in Japan. Each Matcha brand has its own taste, try many brands and find your favorite one!

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High quality Japanese Matcha Green Tea