Lead Contamination in Green Tea - What you should know about Matcha Green Tea. Posted on 22 May 20:17 , 0 comments

Recently I got a mail asking me about lead contamination in Matcha Green Tea. As Matcha is getting popular, many people are getting to know better about the taste difference among Matcha brands (very tasty, just okay, horrible taste...) and think : Is it really healthy drink for us?  Here is the mail and my reply.

Dear Ritsuo

I have been drinking Matcha now for several weeks and love the taste. The only point that concerns me is the lead content. I have researched many sites that say the lead content is very high in matcha because of drinking the whole leaf. Do you have any opinion on this. It is concerning to me.

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Dear Diane,

Thank you for your question!
This is a very good question. Certified Organic dose not mean lead and cadmium free. Those chemicals are absorbed into tea plants from the environment (soil, air and water), therefore the best option is to buy Matcha that was made in the good environment.

A study in Japan says if you drink Japanese Matcha a few times a day, it is absolutely safe for your health.
0.739µg ±0.074 lead / 1g Matcha
It is said that adults absorb lead about 330µg from food, water and air everyday even if you don't drink Matcha.

As for Matcha (green tea) that was made in another county, I found some results of studies.



I hope my answer helps you.
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