Earthy fragrance and grassy taste of Matcha Green Tea Posted on 22 May 20:56 , 0 comments

Even though Match Green Tea has many heath benefits, some people dislike the taste of it : earthy fragrance and grassy taste. Why don't you try our Healthy Green Tea Powder 40g then? 

This tea is the best option for those who are seeking for the health benefits of green tea, but dislike the grassy taste of Matcha Green Tea. Using only the first harvest tea leaves and thanks to the kiln roasting process, this tea lacks the distinctive earthy fragrance and grassy taste of other green teas.

In the old days, green tea was used as medicine and the taste was bitter due to the high Catechin content in it exactly like this tea. If you use 1.5g this powder for 250ml hot water (about 75°C) , you would find this tea very less bitter and very tasty!

Healthy Green Tea Powder 40g (1.4 oz) is coming from a green tea farmer who cares about our health.  Here is some photos of their Certified Organic Farm.

Organic Matcha Green Tea



Organic Matcha Green Tea in Japan



Lead contamination in Matcha Green Tea



What you should you know about Matcha Green Tea.