How to make a Healthy Matcha Latte – Matcha Latte with No clumping! Posted on 16 Jul 19:24 , 0 comments

Matcha Latte is very popular worldwide now. You can get it from coffee shops or Matcha bars. But do you think it is good for your health? Have you ever asked the calories and ingredients of their Matcha latte?

Making a Matcha Latte is super easy! 

Make your own Healthy Matcha Latte!

Use a very big mug

Use as a little hot water (70 °C / 158 °F) as possible

Avoid any culinary grade Organic Matcha! Culinary grade Organic Matcha tends to have strong harshness. You need a lot of sugar to cover the harshness in your Matcha Latte. 


1. A small trick.



3.  Add as a little hot water as possible

Stir well and dissolve matcha powder

Now you can add honey or sugar if you like (add a little amount, if you are health-conscious) . Stir well with a spoon!

4. Make a foamy milk using milk frother (Use hot milk for hot matcha latte, cold milk for cold matcha latte)

5. Add the matcha into the foamy milk and use milk frother for a few second

  1. Enjoy the delicious Healthy Matcha Latte!