What Are Antioxidants, Anyway? Matcha Green Tea - Grace & Green Posted on 4 Sep 23:26 , 0 comments

Antioxidants have been a health buzzword for ages -- but what they hell are they?

Found in all fruit and vegetables, the most well-known antioxidants are Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium. They have been shown to help combat the activity of excess free radicals and the process of oxidisation in the body. This process is associated with age-related health issues (hello, wrinkles).

Free radical cells, left uncontrolled, have the potential to wreak havoc in our bodies. Although we produce free radicals naturally every day -- and in some cases they can actually be good for you -- if you have an excess of free radicals they can become difficult for your body to control.

These processes can be enhanced by external factors such as environmental toxins (any smokers out there?), poor diet and stress. It is possible to reduce the rate of scavenging free radicals by increasing your consumption of antioxidants which help to balance the free radical “seesaw”.

So basically the antioxidants are the good guys who fight the free radicals, who are the baddies.

Although antioxidants are found in all fruit and vegetables, the rate of antioxidant activity can be far richer than others. Principal of Health Schools Australia Stephen Eddey breaks down six trending antioxidants you're likely to see on health food shelves right now.  Read More.