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Do you know what Matcha Green Tea is?

To know about Matcha, it is essential to know about how to matke ‘Sencha’ (cha means tea) which is the most common green tea in Japan.

 About Japanese Green Tea

After picking the young tea leaves, they are steamed to prevent oxidization. Then thery are pressed and left to dry. This process is repeated several times until finally they become Sencha. The reason why they are pressed is that by breaking up the structure of the tea leaves, the components of them are easily released when they are made into tea.

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How about Matcha, then?

First of all, Matcha is defined as a stone-ground green tea powder which is made from Tencha. At present, machines are also regarded as an acceptable method of grinding Tencha to make Matcha.

What is Tencha, then?

 Machine-picking for low grade Matcha. Hand-picking is used for high grade Matcha.

To make Tencha, young leaves are grown in the shade for about 20 days. Under these conditions, L-Theanie (the source of flavour), which is made at the roots then carried up to the leaves and stored there, is prevented from transforming into Catechin (the source of bitterness and harshness). Furthermore, this method makes tea leaves produce more chlorophyll, resulting in deep green-colored tea leaves. These tea leaves are picked, steamed, then dried in a special drying oven called a ‘Tencha oven’ without any process of pressing the tea leaves. Then they undergo the final process to become Tencha.

What is Matcha Green Tea?   Tencha

Authentic Matcha must be made from Tencha only.

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