Matcha Powder made in Japan Posted on 19 Jan 23:24 , 0 comments

The method of making Matcha was developed in Japan after the introduction of green tea powder into Japan from China. The most distinguishing feature of Japanese Matcha is the use of a Tencha oven. This oven was invented in Japan and is called a Horii-type Tencha oven. All Tencha ovens in Japan are said to be of the Horii type.

 a picture from Tokyo green tea cooperative

Another important thing is the varieties of tea breeds for Matcha. Farmers and Japan agricultural research organizations have been studying to make superior tea breeds for Matcha. Some of them are ‘Asahi’, ‘Samidori’, ‘Ujihikari’.

Low grade matcha use 'Yabukita' that is used mainly for Sencha. If you have already tried Matcha and think that the taste of matcha is disgusting, you might have bought very low grade matcha, even if it says 'ceremonial grade'.

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