Matcha grade and the different prices Posted on 27 May 21:58 , 2 comments

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Each Matcha produced is given a price based on quality (colour, taste, scent, etc.), but there are no scientific standards used to determine these features. Rather, it is a very human process based solely on the five senses of the tea experts at each production company. This means that two different products from two different companies might have the same price but look and taste not noticeably different.

To give a brief explanation, higher grade Matcha powders will have a very bright, vivid colour, and contain no notes of bitterness or harshness. In contrast, lower grade Matcha powders are much less vividly coloured (often appearing more yellow than green) and their flavour contains stronger bitter notes or harshness. High grade Matcha is made from very young tea leaves of the first harvest. Low grade Matcha is made from older tea leaves of the first harvest or young tea leaves of second harvest.

As for the cultivars of green tea for high grade Matcha, ‘Asahi’ is used for an annual tea contest and receives the first prize very often. Other cultivars for matcha are Samidori, Gokou, Ujihikari, etc. To make tasty matcha, it is very important to blend them. So the taste of matcha is depending on who is blending. And this is why the taste of matcha is different from one matcha brand to another.

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