Organic Matcha Green Tea Posted on 17 Dec 06:22 , 0 comments


 There is not large amount of organic Matcha produced in Japan. The reason for this is that chemical fertiliser-free, organic tea leaves tend to lack a variety of nutrients especially nitrogen (the source of L-Theanie), which results in a bitter tasting final product. As a result, bitter organic Matcha are sold at a relatively low prices.

It is possible to find very delicious organically produced Matcha which are grown using special organic fertilisers, but due to the hugely increased manpower necessary to produce these, their prices are higher than normal Matcha.

When you drink Matcha, you ingest the whole tea leaf in its powdered form. As such, it is understandable that health conscious customers would find organically produced Matcha more appealing and Yes, it’s healthier than non-organic matcha! 

The most important thing is to find tasty organic matcha. We offer the best organic matcha in Japan. Read our customers reviews and find the best one for you!