What distinguishes your Matcha green tea from others that are available on the market? Posted on 20 Sep 10:59 , 0 comments


Each Matcha production company blends Tencha which were produced  in different green tea farms to create the company's unipue taste. Our Matcha production company (Marukyu-koyamaen) has been awarded first prize in an annual tea contest nineteen times.(the latest award is 2014)  We are providing their organic Matcha.

How to select Matcha.

There are many Matcha second sellers outside of Japan. It is the best to choose Mathca not by the second seller’s brand name, but by the name of the Matcha production company. And if a Matcha second seller is repackaging, it is better to check if they are doing that in a sanitary condition and not adding any additives (like sugar to cheat customers).

Each Matcha brand in Japan has it's own unique taste. Even if you like one Matcha brand, your friend might prefer another Matcha brand. 

So if you like matcha, why don't you try many Japanese Matcha brands and find your favorite one!

 written by Grace & Green