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5 Different Matcha Drinks To Make - Grace & Green
5 Different Matcha Drinks To Make
In our last in-depth matcha blog post, we discussed some tips to follow and make sure your matcha tastes good  Next up, are the various matcha drinks you can make to find the best one that suits your taste preferences. While the traditional way is recommended, we don’t discourage other ways to drink matcha. The great thing about this powdered Japanese green tea is that it is very versatile. If you didn’t have the best experience drinking it one way, there are other ways matcha drinks for you to try and love. 
Here are a few that we find to be popular… 
Hot Tea (traditionally or not)
Just like any other type of tea, matcha is primarily prepared as a hot tea. While it may be a bit different to make and doesn’t require a steeping time, you’re encouraged to try it this way first so you may experienced your matcha straight, on its own. Traditionally, matcha is made with a bowl and bamboo whisk, but you’re not restricted to that method. It’s okay if you just have a mug and another tool to make your matcha drink smooth and clump-free. Follow our how-to make matcha here.
Iced Matcha
Iced tea is a real refresher on a warm day and your matcha tea can be iced just the same! Preparing it as you would for a hot tea, you can then pour the whisked matcha in a glass filled with ice and enjoy. It’s as simple as that!
Matcha Latte (hot or cold)
If you’re not a huge fan on matcha on its own, another popular way to enjoy the beverage is in latte form. Making the matcha as you would for a hot or iced tea and then adding steamed milk to your cup will give your matcha some new flavours that may add to your cup. This is especially recommended for matcha grades that are bitter as the milk and sweetener in the latte version can help off set any bitter taste. Also, latte can be made with many different kinds of milk as well. Whole milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk. The possibilities are endless. What milk will you enjoy in your next matcha latte? We recommend our Regular matcha for lattes.
Matcha Smoothie
Adding a teaspoon or two of matcha to your morning smoothie can also add some more health benefits to your day. Depending on what you add to your smoothie other than matcha, the powered green tea’s taste may not be that evident this way. If you’re someone who likes the idea of matcha and all of its antioxidants, but are not a fan of the taste no matter the quality you try, then a matcha smoothie may be what you need. While the tea may be hidden with other ingredients here, the health benefits are not. However, if you’re interested in a simple matcha smoothie that lets the tea shine, try this recipe.
Matcha Slushie 
The simple act of making matcha ice cubes can transform into a delicious, quick beverage. If you’re a fan of iced/cold matcha drinks especially, then a matcha slushie is one you will have to try. The only ingredients are matcha, water and a sweetener of your choice. Have we peaked your interests? Try this recipe to make your own!
What’s your favourite way to make and enjoy matcha? Try some of the matcha in Grace & Green’s shop today to find your favourite matcha drink!