5 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Matcha Green Tea Posted on 24 Nov 21:28 , 0 comments

Matcha is everywhere you look! But, how much do you know about the green tea powder that is so popular today? Here are some fun facts about matcha green tea. See how many you know about already! Leave a comment below if you learned something new.
Matcha that is produced in Japan is what you'll want to look for to get the best quality available. However, did you know that matcha actually originated in China during the Song Dynasty? It was then brought to Japan where its popularity continues to this day.
Matcha is made by grinding tencha leaves into powder. The leaves are strictly shade grown prior to harvesting. The leaves are then dried and the veins and stems are then remove before producing the fine powder. Authentic matcha can only be made with tencha leaves. Any other tea leaves used are a lower quality of “matcha” that is typically used for culinary purposes. 
Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse because when drinking it you are consuming the entire tea leaves, therefore getting the most from the tea and health benefits it offers. Matcha even contains more antioxidants than blueberries, orange juice, and spinach. If you love your green tea bag, you might want to try this green tea powder instead! It is said that one cup of matcha can be equivalent to 10-15 cups of regular green tea. 
Matcha does contain caffeine and more than some other teas, but you can't compare it to the caffeine in coffee. This is because matcha also contains an amino acid known as L-theanine which helps increase focus and produces a calm effect opposed to caffeine jitters. That’s why many who look to reduce their coffee intake will try matcha instead.
Matcha can be prepared two different ways -- Koicha and Usucha. The main difference when preparing is the water to tea ratio. To make Koicha you will need more matcha, and less water. This is thick matcha. To make Usucha, you need less matcha and more water. This is thin matcha and what is more commonly served in North America. 
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