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Yuzu is thought to be a hybrid of the Ichang papeda and the Satsuma mandarin. The fruit has a distinctive aroma, and has been used as a spice in Japanese cuisine for a long time. 

There is also a Japanese custom in which people have a yuzu bath on the day of the winter solstice, in order to ward off illness during the cold winter season.

Yuzu essential oil is the source of the distinctive aroma, and it is contained mainly in the peel. Yuzu peel can be used as a spice, or the essential oil can be extracted from it.

What feature  makes our Yuzu Citrus Powder different from other similar products?

Most other products employ a hot-air dry or freeze-dry method to dry the Yuzu peel. These methods decrease the quality of the aroma, and the final product has a stale aroma. In addition, their essential oil will dissipate into air more rapidly as time goes by.

Our main ingredient, “ Dextrin”, is the key which maintains the high content of the Yuzu essential oil in our product over a long period of time. Thanks to the chemical feature of the dextrin and the unique procedure by which we make our Yuzu Citrus Powder, our products boast the longest lasting fresh Yuzu aroma and phytochemicals from Yuzu peel. Yes, this powder is healthy!

Food Safety

We use only pesticide-free Yuzu fruit. We use dextrin, some of which is made from genetically modified maize. Dextrin is a processed food starch, and it is thought to be impossible for even the latest technology to detect the presence of genetically modified DNA and protein. For this reason, GMO Dextrin is used without notice to customers in Japan.

Yuzu recipes

Yuzu ice cream,  Yuzu yogurt,  Yuzu cake,  Yuzu chocolate,  Yuzu dressing,  Yuzu salt,  and More.

Experience the energetic, fresh, and aromatic ingredient in your sweets, tea, or in your excellent cuisine!