Customs duty and VAT - Switzerland - Posted on 1 Nov 11:54 , 0 comments

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Customs duty

The customs duties are generally calculated according to the gross weight (including packaging), and are often less than CHF 1 per kilo.

For administrative reasons, customs duties under CHF 5 are not levied. Your parcel weigh is more or less 1 kg!


Tax amounts of up to 5 Swiss francs are not levied. This tax amount corresponds to the assessment basis of CHF 62 at the 8% VAT rate or CHF 200 at the 2.5%  VAT rate. Matcha green tea is 2.5% (VAT exemption up to CFH 200). Yuzu Citrus Powder might be 8.5% (VAT exemption up to CHF 62)

Please check the latest information. Swiss Customs Administration