Dose Your Matcha Green Tea Taste Awful? Posted on 14 Aug 21:08 , 2 comments

High quality organic matcha green tea from the award-winning matcha brand in Kyoto, Japan

Yes, your Matcha green tea might taste Awful.

The taste of Matcha is affected by many elements. If you want to make a delicious Matcha green tea, you need to know what affects to the taste of your Matcha green tea.

1. Matcha Brand : Matcha is made from Tencha leaves. Certified green tea blenders blend some Tencha leaves from different green tea farms to make their own unique taste. Therefore each Matcha brand has it's own same taste every year. Single estate matcha is becoming popular outside Japan. Unfortunately good Matcha can only be made by blending  some Tencha selected by Chashi (certified green tea blender). So if you want to find a good matcha, you have to find a matcha brand who has a very good Chashi (certified green tea blender). It is good idea to choose a Matcha brand who reveal everything about their matcha (Who is the real matcha production company in Japan. Where is the company, Kyoto, Nisho, or Kagoshima.) so that you can investigate if their matcha is really popular in Japan. Another way to find a good matcha is to select one who has won first prizes in an annual green tea competition in Japan. The competition is the the most prestigious one in Japan and so many green tea brands are striving to get prizes every year.

Matcha is becoming very popular worldwide. Many people outside Japan are still new to Matcha. This meas that not good matcha second sellers can boost their sales by their very attractive advertisement, not by their matcha quality. Many of Matcha green tea outside Japan are actually low grade ones in Japan even if they say ceremonial grade unfortunately...

2. Matcha grade : Buy middle grade or upper grade one. Matcha second sellers outside Japan tend to sell low grade Matcha as a ceremonial grade Matcha. In Japan there are only two categories : Matcha (authentic Matcha) and cooking or culinary grade Matcha. All Matcha (authentic Matcha) can be used in a tea ceremony (low grade matcha is used in a tea ceremony class often.) The higher the grade of Matcha, the more likely it is to contain notes of sweetness, flavour and richness. The lower the grade of Matcha, the more likely you are to find notes of harshness and bitterness. Chose a Matcha which has bright green color! Low grade Matcha tend to have yellow color. Look at a picture of Matcha powder carefully to examine the quality when buying. But be careful, some pictures are modified!

3. Water : Soft water is better than hard water. 

4. Water temperature : The hot water should be 70 ~ 80°C (158 ~ 176°F ). 

5. Quantity of water : We recommend 160 ~ 200 ml (6 ~ 7 oz)  hot water / 1.5 g (0.053 oz) of matcha powder. If you use less water, you would find your matcha tea more bitter taste.

 It is very difficult to find your favorite matcha now (not many reliable infomation available on the net), but we hope that more and more people outside Japan will get to know what good matcha is like and find their favorite matcha soon!

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