Do you know how to find a good Matcha Green Tea brand? Posted on 29 Dec 23:34 , 0 comments

The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea

In Japan, there are so many Matcha green tea brands and each matcha green tea brand has its own taste. One Matcha green tea brand is famous for bitterness of their matcha and another Matcha green tea brand is famous for sweetness of their matcha. We try many Matcha brands and find our favorite Matcha brand.

We know how tricky it can be to pick the right tea, as matcha comes in a wide range of grades and qualities ,and the number of online businesses offering matcha and green tea powder is growing steadily.

Matcha green tea powder was originally used in tea. There is no custom to put some sugar in Matcha tea because matcha was originally developed as medicine and still we think It should be pure (made from only green tea leaves). On the other hand, some Matcha sweets or Matcha latte use a lot of sugar. This is contradicting the original concept of Matcha and if you use sugar, you can not tell the difference between high grade matcha and low grade matcha because you can taste much more sweetness than  bitterness and harshness of matcha  . Therefore, to sell very low grade matcha (very low price) as Matcha latte, culinary/cooking grade matcha is very profitable because even if a matcha seller sell them with a lot of profits, customer use them with some sugar and can not tell the difference between high and low grade one.

Matcha green tea should be healthy drink. Matcha latte is also good way to drink matcha green tea as long as you use a little sugar. 

If a Matcha second seller outside of Japan is suggesting a lot of Matcha sweets recipes, you should think why.