What is Houjicha? Posted on 3 Jan 14:53 , 0 comments

Houjicha : Roasted Green Tea.

Houjicha : Roasted Green Tea. Houjicha features its aroma.

Have you ever tried Houjicha? 

Houji means to roast and Cha means tea in Japanese language. The most important feature of this tea is its flavor. Houji-cha is very different from other Japanese green teas. 

Most Japanese green teas do not have a process of roasting when producing (except Kamairi-cha).  As its name implies, Houjicha is simply made from any Japanese Green Teas, what you need to do is to roast already-made Japanese green teas (mostly Sencha). This meas that you can make your own Houji-cha. You just roast Japanese Green tea on a flying pan. 

On a green tea market, There are two types of Houjicha. One is made from leaves. And the other is made from stems. Houjicha made from stems is more expensive than Houjicha made from leaves. When amino acids (including L-Theanine) are heated, they change into other aromatic chemicals which are the feature of Houjicha. You might be surprised but there is more L-Theanine in Stems. L-Theanine is made at a root, and then carried up to stems and leaves. L-Theanine is turned in to Catechin under sun light (photosynthesis) but in a stem, photosynthesis is done much less than leaves. Eventually there is more L-Theanine remaining in stems.

Houjicha is a very good green tea because its price is reasonable and if you do not like grassy taste, Houjicha has no notes of grassy taste but exotic aroma and taste!