How do you buy Matcha Green Tea? Posted on 4 Jan 00:43 , 0 comments


Many of us use web shops when buying something on the net. It's easy to use and you can compare prices and see reviews. But, do you believe their reviews?  This is a question for all people outside Japan. 

Why? because you do not live in Japan where you can easily find so many good Matcha  green tea production companies (or brands) and compare easily. In short, it is very difficult to trick customers by advertisements in Japan. On the other hands, how about countries outside Japan? There are so many food, life style bloggers. How do they earn money?  Do you think they know what good Matcha green tea is? As a business, to have good reviews of a product is very important to boost sales as long as they are not paid reviews or not reviews of free sample, but in reality...  

As a customer outside Japan, it is very important to know that you are in a situation where you can easily be tricked now. 

Our most concern is that if you tried a bad Matcha green tea for the first time in your life, you migh think Matcha geen tea tastes awful. Matcha has unique taste, so some people love it and some people dislike it. It is very unfortunate if you dislike Matcha because you had bad Matcha Green Tea.

We try to change this situation as hard as possible because Matcha Green Tea is the pride of Japan!