Do you need a Chasen for your Matcha Green Tea? Posted on 22 May 23:55 , 0 comments

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Sometimes I am asked if you need a chasen to prepare Matcha Green Tea. 

In a Japanese tea ceremony, we use a chasen because this is the way of the tea. Nowadays many people start drinking Matcha Green Tea. Each of them has different reasons to have started drinking Matcha Green Tea, but most of us are fascinated by the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea.

As for the taste of Matcha Green Tea, you can not find a difference between matcha made by chasen and matcha made by milk frother.

When you invite your relatives or friends, it can be a good idea to use a chasen for preparing  Matcha Green Tea because that is the way of the tea and the event can be a interesting cultural experience. If you are interested in health benefits of Matcha Green Tea, I do not recommend to use a chasen. Milk frother is much easier for everyone to use. 

So if you need a Chasen or not, it is depending on the reason you drink matcha green tea for.

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