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Houjicha, Roasted Green Tea.

Houjicha : Houji means to roast, and cha means tea in Japanese language.

Houjicha, A chart of Green Teas.

So, houjicha is a roasted green tea. Houjicha is made by roasting Sencha or Bancha. Here are Houjicha leaves.

Houjicha, Houjicha leaves, Roasted Green Tea, Grace & Green.

And here is Houjicha Powder.

Houjicha Powder, Houjicha, Roasted Green Tea.

Houjicha powder is used as an ingredient for sweets. In Japan, We have Houjicha ice cream, Houjicha chocolate, Houjicha latte an so on... Have you ever tried this powder already? This powder has roasted flavor but very different from coffee. Why don't you try this exotic powder for your new recipe?