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Matcha comparison

- Matcha Green Tea Comparison -

Matcha Green Tea is becoming very popular outside Japan, but Matcha is still a new exotic drink for many people. Now you can find so many Matcha brands ( or Matcha second sellers : most of Japanese people don’t know them…) Most of the Matcha brands outside Japan buy Matcha from Matcha brands (Matcha production companies) in Japan with labels which have different Matcha brand names from original ones. So you can not find the original Matcha brand names and you can not find how popular They are in Japan.

How do you select a truly high grade Matcha Green Tea from so many Matcha second sellers?

Many people relay on someone’s reviews but their good reviews might not be honest reviews (paid reviews, reviews from their friends…).

It is very important to know basic criteria to find a truly good Matcha Green Tea.

  • Google Matcha Powder by image. You can find so many pictures of Matcha Powder. The color of high grade Matcha is vivid green color. Never pick up the one which has yellow color. If you can not find the clear picture of Matcha powder on a web shop, it might be good idea to avoid the brand.
  • Matcha was developed in Japan. High grade Matcha is made from only special green tea cultivars which were developed and are produced only in Japan. (e.g. Aasahi, Samidori, Ujihikari). 
  • In Japan, we can not find Matcha which were produced in other countries. Don't you think it is strange that they are sold to people who are not so familiar with Matcha, but are not sold to people who are familiar with it.
  • Good Matcha is expensive but there are many which are over priced. Don’t pay money for their high running cost of their shop.
  • If you are interested in Matcha Green Tea mainly for your health, it might be good idea to avoid Matcha sellers which focus on Matcha sweets. If they are offering truly high quality Matcha Green Tea, they don’t focus on culinary grade Matcha.

You might have tried Matcha Green Tea already and found it awful, but try truly high quality Organic Matcha Green Tea and see the difference! Your Organic Matcha is Here!