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Organic Green Tea Powder

Organic Green Tea Powder

Why do we sell Healthy Green Tea Powder?

Our life expectancy becomes longer and longer every year, but is it important?  More important thing might be to live healthy until we pass away. Nobody wants to live long with diseases.

When green tea was introduced into Japan, people back then grinded them into powder like Matcha. And the powder was regarded as medicine. They didn’t know how to make Tencha, so the taste of the ancient green tea must have been very bitter.

This bitterness comes from catechin especially EGCg which give us many health benefits!

Our Healthy Green Tea Powder is like the ancient green tea powder. It tastes bitter but it does not have any harsh taste because it uses only the young first harvest leaves!

If you are serious about your health, we highly recommend this green tea powder. If you use this powder 1.5 g (0.005 oz) for 230 ~ 260 ml (8 ~9 oz) hot water ( 77°C, 170°F), you will find only slight hint of bitterness. 

Why don’t you try 3 packs of Healthy Green Tea Powder and see the result!

Healthy Green Tea Powder