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Green tea has become very popular worldwide as a healthy drink. Many people think that certified organic products are safe to eat or drink. But is it true?  As a consumer, it is natural that we want to know who is producing a product before we buy it.

Our healthy green tea powder is a certified organic product. It is produced from the green tea farm which has Clean air, Good  drainage for Tea trees and use No chemical pesticide, use only Organic fertilizer. But most importantly, it is made by The sincere farmers!  Here are some photos form the green tea farm of Healthy Green Tea Powder.

Green Tea Farm in Japan


Certified Organic Green Tea


Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea

If you are interested in health benefits of green tea, we highly recommend this powder. This powder use only the young first harvest leaves which result in no harshness taste but full or nutrition. We recommend 1.5g (0.005 oz) powder for 230 ~ 260 ml (8 ~9 oz) hot water ( 77°C, 170°F). With this instruction, you would feel only slight hint of bitterness. 

Thanks to the kiln roasting process, this tea has less grassy taste compared with other Matcha. So this powder is very good for the people who don't like grassy taste, but want health benefits of green tea!

Why don't you try and see the result!

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