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This green tea farm provide us with our Healthy Green Tea Powder 40g (1.4 oz). 

Organic Matcha Powder

Their products are registered as Certified Organic Green Tea.                                              Have you ever heard of Catechine (especially EGCg)? Green Tea gives us many health benefits and we know now that Catechine (especially EGCg) in it is playing the main role. But it tastes very bitter. 

We recommend it to drink as Matcha Latte because a study says that fat in milk helps us absorb Catechine for some extent.

We do not recommend culinary grade Organic Matcha because it tastes awful. If you eat it a little bit, you will find not only bitterness but also harsh taste.

Try our Healthy Green Tea Powder! It was made out of the first harvest, no harshness but full of nutrition and Catechine!

These photos were taken in their green tea farm. - Clean Air ・No Chemical Pesticide ・Organic Fertilizer ・ Good drainage for Tea trees and The Sincere Farmers -

Healthy Green Tea Powder



Green Tea Field in Japan



Matcha Green Tea


Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea



Healthy Green Tea Powder



Matcha Green Tea from Japan