Dear Nora, Thank you for the Organic Matcha Order from Risoer, Norway! Posted on 19 Aug 20:56 , 0 comments

Organic matcha order #2623. 1 x Beginner's Matcha Set - Free Delivery!

We have sipped our organic matcha to Norway 13 times so far. Delivery time is about 8 ~ 12 days. We ship our parcels by registered mail and in Norway, you can track your parcel by the tracking service of Posten. People in Norway are getting interested in the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea but you do not need to have not tasty organic matcha for your health. Truly high quality organic matcha tastes good! Quality is everything! 

If you are matcha beginner or you have already tried other matcha brands but not satisfied, Please try our Beginner's Matcha Set. It is Free Delivery!