Gyokuro - The Most Expensive Japanese Loose Leaf Green Tea Posted on 26 Jul 22:56 , 0 comments

Gyokuro - The most expensive Japanese green tea | Grace & Green

Gyokuro is the highest quality green tea among Japanese green tea. There are many Japanese people who have not drunken Gyokuro. There are two reasons for this. One reason is that simply the tea is very expensive. Another reason is that annual Gyokuro production is very low. Uji, Kyoto and around the area is making Gyokuro the most. The second area is Yame, Fukuoka. The third area is Okabe, Shizuoka.

The manufacturing process of Gyokuro is the same as the one of Sencha. The difference is before cultivating, the new leaves are grown under shade for about 3 weeks. This process makes it possible for L-theanine (the source of Umami) in the green tea leaves not to change into Catechin (the source of bitterness and astringency).

Kabusecha is very similar to Gyokuro. For Kabusecha, the new leaves are grown under shade for about a week.