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How do I choose Matcha grade? - Gace & Green
Which Grace & Green matcha grade is right for me?
If you’ve been searching for matcha for some time now you may notice that not all matcha is created equally. At one point or another you have probably run into a company offering more than one matcha. There are many different grades, which mean many different quality that you can purchase and enjoy. This probably makes you wonder about what matcha grade is right for you then. The last thing you want to do is order the highest grade of matcha for a premium price when you only wanted it to use for baking. We’re here to help! Grace & Green offers three different matcha grades. If you’re not sure which one you should purchase, here is a short guide to help you understand what is the best way to enjoy each of these grades.
Grace & Green’s Regular Matcha - This matcha grade is lower than the other two we offer, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. It has a more distinctive flavour which makes it the perfect matcha to use if you want to use it as an ingredient for cooking or baking. Think matcha infused cakes and cookies, matcha smoothies, matcha ice cream, matcha salad dressing, etc. The possibilities of incorporating more matcha into your lifestyle are endless! You will find that it is actually higher quality than most culinary grade matcha that other brands sell.
Grace & Green’s Luxury Matcha - If you’re looking for matcha to drink daily on it’s own for a very affordable price, our Luxury Matcha grade is perfect for just that. This matcha grade, because of the price and quality, may entice you more especially if you’re looking to try matcha for the first time. There is only a hint of bitterness with this grade. You can even use this grade to make iced matcha or matcha latte. 
Grace & Green’s Ceremonial Matcha - This is our highest grade of matcha and because of that we believe it is the best, especially when wanting to enjoy and serve for special occasions. If you’re looking for a ceremonial grade matcha to prepare traditionally (in a bowl with a bamboo whisk) then this is the product that you want. There is absolutely no bitterness with this matcha and when whisked properly it will produce a beautiful, smooth foam. 
So, to conclude, here is a little recap of our matcha grades and what you can use them for…
Looking for matcha to use as an ingredient in recipes? Check out our Regular Matcha.
Looking for matcha to drink daily (hot or iced)? Check out our Luxury Matcha.
Looking for matcha to prepare and enjoy traditionally? Check out our Ceremonial Matcha.