How do you choose Matcha Green Tea from online shops? Posted on 12 Jan 23:03 , 0 comments

Matcha Green Tea is becoming very popular worldwide but there are so many Matcha Green Tea second sellers (matcha brands outside Japan) out there. You might read their reviews to select good one but very often they are paid reviews...  As for their products names, they use "ceremonial grade", "premium grade", "super premium grade",etc even though they are low grade Matcha in Japan...

So the problem is how to choose truly good one. We have been selling our Organic Matcha Green tea world wide and some times our customers kindly send us mails and tell us how difficult to find good matcha out there. From our experience, we tell you some basic facts and keys to find good matcha!

・ It is better not to believe blogger's reviews. 

There are not many bloggers who are not interested in making money. 

・Single estate matcha, farm direct matcha or something like that does not mean High Quality Mathca.  Matcha is not like vegitables, milk or honey.   Good matcha can be made only blending some Tencha which were produced from different farms.

・Find real matcha production company in Japan.

Many of Matcha brands outside japan buy matcha from matcha production companys in Japan (matcha brands in Japan) and sell in your county with their brand names. So your matcha might be not popular one in Japan.

・Matcha has been developed for Matcha tea not for Matcha Sweets. Culinary grade matcha is very low grade matcha or sometimes not matcha (just green tea powder meaning not made from tencha but ordinay green tea leaves), very cheep one in Japan. So if a matcha brand focus on mathca sweets, they might not focus on quality of matcha, only profitability.

・Educate yourself.

To find good matcha is difficult. Many people have stared drinking Matcha for its health benefits. It is not good idea to drink not delicious matcha. Matcha is not medicine. Matcha is delicious! 

In 2017, we hope you can find truly Good Organic Matcha Green Tea!