How do you get to know about Matcha Green Tea?-The Knowledge about Matcha Posted on 29 Sep 23:34 , 0 comments

The knowledge about Matcha Green Tea

How do you know about Matcha Green Tea? Matcha is still very new to many people. Even Matcha second sellers outside Japan are lack of the knowledge of Matcha. Their Matcha grade are low grade but sell them as a ceremonial grade, premium grade, etc... I'm Japanese living in Japan. So I can find out their retail prices in Japan. Yes, there are many people who do not know what good matcha tastes like.

Then how do you decide your matcha?  You might read their reviews, but they might be not honest reviews : friends reviews, discount offer reviews and paid reviews. Yes, there is a business to get good reviews from such business companies.

Then how about bloggers? This might be good idea. I mean if you find a good blogger (like honestly matcha lover), you might be able to get good info from them, but again there are bloggers who are paid to write a good review. 

Now I think you can understand that there is a business model which makes you unable to reach really good matcha outside Japan. Right now you are paying too much for such low grade matcha.

We are going to give you some advice to get good matcha!