How to choose a bamboo whisk for Matcha Green Tea? Posted on 2 Jul 23:28 , 0 comments

Bamboo Whisk - Chasen - Matcha Green Tea

Bamboo whisk is called Chasen in Japanese language.  To make chasen, so many procedures must be fallowed and most of the jobs are done by human hands.

Making chasen starts from preparing the material of chasen " bamboo ". Since bamboo is a natural material, it is very important to prevent mold developing on your chasen. There was no fungicide long time ago. Therefore another method was developed to prevent mold.

Japanese bamboo whisk (chasen) are still made traditionally by chasen artisans. Chasen is used in hot water. What if it was treated with some chemicals? Therefore the price of Japanese chasen is high, but there is a reason for it!

In Japan, the cheapest Chasen is sold in 100 yen shops. The price there is about 300 yen ($3 USD) and of course it is not made in Japan.

When you chose a Chasen, check which county the Chasen is made in!

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