Japanese Green Tea - Houjicha Posted on 17 Jul 22:11 , 0 comments


As Matcha Green Tea is becoming  popular worldwide, many people outside of Japan are getting to know not only Matcha but also other Japanese green teas.

Today I got some Japanese green teas. I got three packages of Houjicha, Sencha and Genmaicha.

Now (10:00 pm), I'm drinking the Houjicha because Houjicha has almost no caffeine. Many Japanese green teas have some caffeine. Why no caffeine in Houjicha?

The English name of houjicha is roasted green tea. Usually houjicha is made from Sencha. When sencha is roasted, caffeine in the sencha is decomposed by the heat. This is why houjicha has almost no caffeine in it. 

Houjicha - Grace & Green

The taste of houjicha is very different from other green teas. There are some Japanese people who do not like earthy taste of green teas but they like houjicha because houjicha has no earthy taste owing to the roasting. 

Matcha Green Tea has many health benefits but other Japanese green teas also have many health benefits. The important thing is the taste of them and safety as food. 

Houjicha - Grace & Green