Matcha and Health Posted on 4 Nov 19:40 , 0 comments

In recent years Matcha has become increasingly highlighted all over the world as a health beverage since its disease preventing and health promoting effects have been widely reported. 

There are many substances in Matcha that are good for the body and below we will introduce a few of them.


・Have antioxidant and antimutagenic effects.

・Prevent starch from being metabolised, restricts the absorption of glucose, keeps the blood pressure low and thereby help to prevent obesity.

・Have a sterilizing effect on bacteria that causes food poisoning such as O-157 or cholera bacteria. It also kills harmufull bacteria in the intestines the good bacteria such as Lactobacillus Bifidus.

・Lower the level of bad cholestorol(LDL).

・Rinsing one's mouth with green tea after meals kills harmful bacteria and increases thus prevents cavity.



・Eases the effects of caffeine.

・Affects the brain cells and gives a relaxing and healing effects.



・Relives fatigue, has an awakening effect and acts as a diuretic.

・Helps to burn fat, and reduces the intoxication effect from over consumption of alcohol.

・Promotes blood circulation.


Vitamin C

・Acts as an antioxidant, improves immunity, relieves fatigue, prevents colds and makes the skin beautiful.

・Since the catechin in green tea protects Vitamin C it becomes strong against heat.



・Strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents cavities.



・Minerals are important for metabolic efficiency.

・Apart from potassium, which eases the effects of excess salt consumption, green tea also contains calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals.



・Has antidiabetic effects, relieves fatigue, increases vitality, prevents blood clot formation and has many other positive effects.


Water-insoluble components

・β-carotene, Vitamin E, Chlorophyl, protein, dietary fiber, etc.

・By consuming Matcha one is able to completely absorb all components found in green tea.