Matcha Green Tea - An Alternative Healthy Drink to Coffee Posted on 28 Jul 22:25 , 0 comments

The Best Organic Matcha Green Tea in Japan | Grace & Green

Matcha is very fine powder of Japanese green tea leaves called Tencha. To know about Matcha, you need to know Tencha. Tencha is very similar to Gyokuro. Like Gyokuro, new green tea leaves are grown under shade for about 3 ~ 4 weeks. Only difference is that they are not rolled and they are dried in a special oven called Horii type oven. Then this Tencha is ground into very fine powder called Matcha. 

To grind Tencha, millstone is used for high quality matcha, machine is used for low grade matcha.

There are many health benefits of Japanese green tea. When you drink matcha, you intake everything Japanese green tea has.  This is why matcha green tea is very healthy drink. 

Matcha has many grades. You might know about ceremonial grade but this grade dose not mean high grade (it means that the matcha is not culinary grade. that all). If you are looking for truly high quality organic matcha, Read our customers' reviews Here!