New to Matcha Green Tea? Try Organic Matcha from the Award-winning Matcha Brand in Kyoto, Japan! Posted on 23 Dec 13:41 , 0 comments

Buy the Best Organic Matcha Green Tea in Japan - Grace & Green

Matcha is becoming very popular worldwide, but it is very difficult to choose the good one because they are very expensive but the reality is that many of them are low grade Matcha (not expensive ones)  in Japan. Why don't you try the famous Matcha brand in Kyoto, Japan that has about 300 years history. 

Well respected amongst tea connoisseurs. We offer the Best Organic Matcha to the Matcha Lovers worldwide who know the difference. 

Now, we offer 7 % discount on our Beginner's Matcha Set - Free Delivery! It is until 3rd of January, 2017, but when we run out of the stock, we might stop the sale earlier.  So, order now and see the difference!

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