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Non-fermented Tea is made by heating fresh green tea leaves. This process destroys oxidase. Therefore oxidation dose not happen and chlorophyll in the green tea leaves remains as it is which gives the Japanese green tea beautiful green color.

Japanese green tea and Chinese green tea are Non-fermented tea but there is a difference in how to heat the green tea leaves.

Japanese green tea is made by steaming green tea leaves (except Kamairi cha, roasted green tea in Kyushu area). On the other hand Chinese green tea is made by roasting green tea leaves. 

Most of the Japanese green tea is made by steaming green tea leaves. "Cha" means tea in Japanese language.

  • Sencha : The most common Japanese green tea (the fist or second harvest green tea leaves)
  • Bancha : A kind of Sencha but using the third or forth harvested green tea leaves 
  • Tamaryokucha : Roasted Japanese green tea
  • Kukicha : Kuki means stems.
  • Gyokuro : The most expensive Japanese green tea
  • Matcha : The very fine powder of Tencha
  • Tencha : Matcha is made by grinding Tencha. 
  • Houjicha : Houjicha is made by roasting Sencha
  • Genmaicha : Sencha with Genmai

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