Organic Matcha Green Tea Review from our customer in Belgium Posted on 29 Dec 18:32 , 0 comments

When you are looking for a good online shop of organic matcha green tea, you might depend on their products reviews to decide if you bur or leave a shop. Product reviews are a good indicator if they are not gotten by a matcha shop's discount coupons or points.

Our organic matcha reviews are written by true matcah lovers worldwide. We don't offer any discount coupons or points. 

Today we got a matcha review by email from Belgium. We can't post it on our web shop page. So we will show it on this blog. 

I personally want to thank you mr Ritsuo.
The package arrived andit was so carefully packed!
I can see this was done with a lot of passion!
Thank you for the lovely note that came along, you stole my heart by that!
The quality of your matcha is outstanding and definitely the best I ever tasted! 
Thank you for your hard work making this matcha and deliver to Belgium. Blessings and till next time Tom

 Thank you, Tom! 


Much pece, love and joy to you all in 2020!