Rutin - Health Benefits of Tartary Buckwheat Tea Posted on 1 Dec 21:02 , 0 comments


Rutin is known as a vital chemical substance for us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some people take it from a supplement, but is it really healthy way to take rutin from an artificial food?  Then you have to find a food that is rich in rutin. Some people believe that Sobacha (Buckwheat Tea) has a lot of rutin in it but it is not. Tartary Buckwheat has more than 100 times rutin than Soba (Buckwheat) has!

Another thing you have to care about is that Tartary Buckwheat should be grown in a clean environment. This video shows us that our high quality Tartary Buckwheat has been grown in a very clean and beautiful place! (Hokkaido, JAPAN) Read more about high quality Tartary Buckwheat Tea!