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Sencha (Normal Sencha)

Sencha - Grace & Green

Sen in "Sencha" means infused tea or infusing tea leaves. Cha in "Sencha" means tea. Sencha is the most common Japanese green tea. There are two types of Sencha depending on how to make them. One is "Normal Sencha" or just "Sencha". The other one is "Deep Steaming Sencha". The difference between them is the steaming time. The time of steaming green tea leaves for Sencha (Normal Sencha) is about 30 ~ 40 seconds. On the other hand, the time of steaming green tea leaves for Deep Steaming Sencha is 2 ~ 3 times longer than Sencha (Normal Sencha). This longer steaming time makes the green tea leaves softer than Sencha. Therefore when in the process of the rolling and drying, many tiny finished tea leaves can be made. The color of Deep Steaming Sencha is much greener than Sencha because of the broken tissue of the green tea leaves.

 Deep Steaming Sencha

Deep Steaming Sencha - Grace & Green

It is said that the Deep Steaming Sencha was made first in Makinohara plateau in Shizuoka, Japan. The quality of green tea in this area was not high because of thicker green tea leaves and strong astringency taste. Deep steaming method was invented to increase the quality. It is said that about 70% or more Sencha in Shizuoka is now Deep Steaming Sencha.

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