Since When Has Green Tea been drunk? Posted on 15 Jul 00:23 , 0 comments

The Story of Green Tea

Who drank Green Tea first on this earth? It is difficult to answer to this question. Only thing we can do is to research old writing. A mythology in China tells us the following story. There was a god of Agriculture long time ago. Everyday he ate many wild plants in searching of eatable plants but sometimes he got stomachache. To get rid of the poison, he chewed green tea leaves the mythology says. We don't know who first drank green tea but we know that green tea was used as a medicine. When green tea was introduced to Japan, it was used as medicine also and it was very rare delicacy meaning ordinary people back then could not enjoy the tea. 

Now we know that green tea has many health benefits for us scientifically but people knew that it is very healthy based on their real-life experience long long time ago.

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