Single Estate Matcha Green Tea - The Role of Green Tea Shops in Japan Posted on 18 Aug 22:25 , 0 comments

Green Tea farm In Japan. Grace & Green - High quality organic matcha green tea

When you are searching for a Matcha Green Tea on line for shopping, you might notice that some Matcha sellers have a direct partnership with a shingle farm (single estate) in Japan.

Japanese green teas have been sold by green tea shops. They usually don't have their own green tea farms, but they buy different origin (different farm, region...) green teas from a green tea market. The reason for this is that by blending different green teas, they can create a unique taste green tea. Another reason is by blending, they can keep the same taste every year. Chashi (certified green tea blender) is blending tea leaves. If they use a green tea leaves from one green tea farm, the tea would have different taste every year. The taste of green teas are affected by climate. 

There is no single estate Tencha (what is tencha? Read here!) that is excellent in all (fragrance, color and taste). A Tencha might be excellent for its fragrance, other one might be excellent for its color, The other one might be excellent in its taste. By blending there of them, good quality matcha can be made!