Matcah Green Tea - Delivery to France! Posted on 17 Jun 21:27 , 0 comments

Matcha Green Tea - Delivery to France!

Dear Gaela,

Thank you for the Matcha order from France!

Our Luxury Matcha is a High quality, ceremonial grade Organic Matcha. 

Try Organic Matcha from Award-winning Matcha Brand in Japan! 



Organic Matcha Green Tea - Delivery Matcha from Japan to France! Posted on 15 Jun 14:48 , 0 comments


Matcha Green Tea -Delivery to France

Dear Teresa, Thank you for the Matcha order from Valbonne, France.

Beginneer's Matcha set is a perfect Matcha set for people who are new to Matcha Green Tea. Luxury Matcha is a perfect Organic Matcha Powder for Matcha Tea.  Regular Matcha is also a authentic Organic Matcha Green Tea and it is good for Matcha latte, Green smoothie etc... but this powder is good for Matcha tea also!



Delivery Matcha to France - Customs duty and VAT - Grace & Green Posted on 1 Nov 12:25 , 0 comments

Yuzu Citusu Powder. Yuzu Powder for seasoning, as an ingredient for sweets, tea and your excellent French cuisine. High quality Yuzu  power for the people in France.

Customs duty

Customs duty is not due for goods, provided directly to the buyer when their value does not exceed 150 euros.

・ VAT 

You can buy goods from outside the EU up to a value of €22 without incurring any VAT charges.

If you receive an imported gift by mail that is worth €45 or less, you will not have to pay customs duty and  VAT on it. We ship as ' a gift ' as per your request!