Dear Ana, Thank you for the Organic Matcha Order from Auckland, New Zealand Posted on 6 Aug 22:40 , 0 comments

Organic Matcha Order #2581. 1 x Beginner's Matcha Set - Free Delivery! 

Today we had the first customer from New Zealand. Matcha is becoming popular worldwide and of course in New Zealand too. The other day, the Food Show Auckland 2017 was held in New Zealand. Some of the participants might have experienced the taste of Matcha Tea. If you can not compare a matcha with others, it is difficult to know how the taste of high quality organic matcha is. If you are in doubt, try our Beginner's Matcha Set! It is Free Delivery! With the set, you can try Matcha tea using our Luxury Matcha, and Matcha Latte or Matcha Sweets using our  Regular Matcha. Both of them are certified organic matcha! And our Regular Matcha is not cooking grade matcha, it is authentic matcha meaning it is made from Tencha (authentic matcha is made from Tencha only). 

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