Japanese Bamboo Whisk is Available Now! Posted on 29 Jan 12:37 , 0 comments

High Quality Japanese Bamboo Whisk - Hand Made by a Chasen Artisan - Grace & Green

Bamboo Whisk or Chasen in Japanese Language is an essential tool for Japanese tea ceremony, making Matcha Green Tea traditional way. There are many types of Chasen. The main difference is the number of the prongs. If you need Chasen for Thin tea (Usucha), you would need Chasen that has 72 prongs or more. If you need Chasen for Thick tea (Koicha), you need Chasen which has less number of prongs.

Our Japanese Bamboo Whisk has 72 prongs and is designed for Thin Tea (Usucha). Learn more about our High Quality Japanese Bamboo Whisk!

Making Japanese Chasen is time consuming job. Please watch this video and learn more about Chasen! (starting 5 min 30 seconds)