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Tips to Make Your Matcha Taste Good - Grace & Green
Do you really want to love the popular matcha green tea but are just not sure how that is possible? Most of us have probably been in this situation before. You hear so many great things about matcha so you go out and make your first matcha purchase only to come home and either:
1) Have no clue how to start making it or;
2) Make it, don’t like it and don’t understand the hype
There is definitely a chance matcha green tea is just not for you and your palate. However, there is a bigger chance that you just need to find a better way to make your matcha so that it actually tastes good. Don’t give up on matcha after one tasting! Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you make your matcha taste good.
1. Watch the water temperature. 
Like other green teas, you don’t want to use boiling water because it can make the tea quite bitter. You also don’t want to use too cool of water or else you won’t be able to whisk the matcha into it well enough. A great temperature to heat your water to for matcha is 160 degrees F. This is definitely one of the most important steps to starting!
2. Focus on your matcha and water ratio.
Don’t use too much matcha right away, especially if this is one of your first times trying matcha. I would suggest you only use one teaspoon of matcha and not two. With this, also start by using about 5 ounces of the hot water, too. As you start to enjoy matcha more, you can definitely add more matcha or less water for a stronger taste. Feel free to experiment with the matcha and water ratio though to know what you like best.
3. Say no to clumps. 
A great tasting matcha drink has absolutely no clumps of the green tea. The last thing you want to do is take a sip of your drink and be greeted with a strong, powdered ball of matcha. The best way to make sure you don’t get any clumps in your drink is to whisk it traditionally with a bamboo whisk and also sift before whisking. However, even just using an electric whisk will do a decent job. 
4. If you still are not enjoying your matcha, don’t be afraid to try other ways to prepare it. 
You don’t have to limit yourself to just drinking it as a plain hot tea. You can pour it over ice and have something more refreshing. You can add your choice of milk and make a latte. If you find matcha a bit too bitter for your taste preferences, add a sweetener of your choice or pair your green tea with a sweet treat. Check back here on our blog soon as we will be sharing another post on different drinks to make with matcha. 
If you’re matcha still doesn’t taste as good as you were hoping, then I would suggest looking into the quality you bought. The best tasting matcha drink, of course, starts with some of the best quality of matcha. Check out Grace & Green’s matcha selection for some great ones to try with these making tips!

How to make the Matcha tea casually! Posted on 22 Jul 14:41 , 3 comments

Soft water is better than hard water

You might need some trials to find your favorite taste. The quantity balance between water and matcha powder affects the taste of Matcha tea.



1. Heat water to about 70 ~ 75°C (158 ~ 167°F ) - very important! -

2. Add 1 teaspoon (about 1.5 g , 0.053 oz) of Matcha into a tea strainer and sift it - Sifting matcha is very important! -



3. Add hot water (160 ~ 200 ml, 5.5 ~ 6.5 ounces) and stir well at the bottom of the cup (milk frother is still OFF)


4. Whisk the Matcha using a milk frother for 10 to 15 seconds


5. Enjoy the taste of Matcha!