Organic Matcha Green Tea Review from our customer in the US! Posted on 14 Apr 19:10 , 0 comments

We get matcha green tea reviews through our web shop but sometimes we get matcha green tea reviews by email. Today we got a matcha green tea review from Maryland, United States. This is her review for our Ceremonial Matcha. 

Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude. Your ceremonial tea is fabulous. However, I do not have any experience of tasting others. I wanted to try the very best a person can buy and your matcha was listed as such. As I learn about matcha tea it would be helpful to know on your website if your tea is “organic,” when the tea was harvested, and if it was radiated. Your teas has a beautiful bright green color and super finely ground. The tea container is air tight for a great shelf storage. The taste was very smooth warmed or iced with a vegetable earthy taste followed by lingering sweetness. Perfect.  

Thank you for the wonderful matcha experience!

You are most welcome, Karen. We will work hard for more people who are looking for the best organic matcha green tea in Japan!