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Matcha Latte is usually made with milk, but have you every tried Matcha Soy Latte? If you buy Matcha Latte at a cafe, you might notice that it is sweet (or Very sweet). Matcha in Matcha Latte is a very low grade one and taste very bitter and has astringency. That is why a lot of sugar is used to cover the bad taste. 

Why don't you make healthy Matcha Soy Latte by yourself? It is very easy to make!

Here is a blog, Sakura Junction that features Matcha Soy Latte!

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Try this recipe using authentic matcha green tea (not culinary grade matcha) powder!  We recommend our Regular Matcha for this recipe!

The recipe is here : The cup of life Read More!



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Iced Matcha Green Tea - Matcha for Summer - Organic Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea is good not only in Hot but also in Cold! Iced Matcha Green Tea is very easy to make. Use high quality matcha for this cold drink and never use culinary grade matcha. 

This recipe is from a blogger in the UK. Read More!




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Raw Chocolate Matcha Macaroons


I find that there is always a need for sweets that can be whipped up in just a matter of minutes. Especially with the holidays around the corner, quick, yet fabulous desserts are most welcome. That is why a dessert that requires no baking at all is number one in my books and it’s even better if it incorporates tea, too.

I don’t have to tell you that this year has been all about that powdered green tea, matcha. But, in case you aren’t tired of hearing about it just yet, here’s one more matcha infused recipe to create. As you may know from my previous posts on the powdered green tea, the highest quality of matcha is used for ceremonial purposes and prepared traditionally and this reflects its name. Other grades of matcha are available such as culinary or cooking, which is a lower quality and more affordable. It is not a grade you would want to prepare traditionally though – as the name states, using it as an ingredient for cooking and baking is its main purpose. In this recipe, I used an organic culinary matcha so you do not need the more expensive ceremonial grade. Read More!