Tartary Buckwheat Tea Order from New York, United States Posted on 28 Jul 00:03 , 0 comments

Tartary Buckwheat Tea from Japan | Full of Rutin | Grace & Green

3 x Tartary Buckwheat Tea order form Jamaica, New York, United States. The seeds of Tartary Buckwheat has a lot of Rutin. Many people think that Buckwheat Tea has Rutin but in fact Tartary Buckwheat Tea has about 100 times more Rutin than Buckwheat Tea (Soba cha) has! 

Rutin has many health benefits for us, especially it is good for our blood vessels. As we get older, our blood vessels inside our body are getting old meaning the softness of blood vessels is loosing day by day. It is said that rutin can fix the problems of old blood vessels and makes it possible for blood to be able to run smoothly. You might think this is not so important but the total length of the blood vessels in our body is about 1000000 km (621371 miles)!

Get young again from the inside of your body!

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