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High Quality Organic Matcha Green Tea - Grace & Green

The popularity of Matcha Green Tea has been increasing year by year worldwide. Matcha became popular by it’s unique taste and healthy benefits. Matcha Latte is the most popular Matcha recipe and many of us think that it’s a healthy alternative drink to coffee. Catechin (especially EGCg) found in green tea is one of the key chemicals for our health but it is a little bit difficult chemical for us to assimilate. Milk in Matcha Latte helps Catechin to be assimilated to our body to some extent. The combination of Matcha and Milk would be perfect unless there is huge amount of sugar in a Matcha Latte.

Now, you can easily find so many Matcha second sellers on the internet and get confused about which one you should buy. You might have already tried one and thought that the taste of Matcha tea is awful.

Unfortunately Matcha is still very new food outside Japan and it is very difficult to get reliable information about Matcha because the people outside Japan have to depend on the information which Matcha second sellers are spreading out.

In Japan, we try many Matcha brands and found our favorite Matcha brand for each of us. As for Matcha outside Japan, There are not many Matcha brands available (Some Matcha brands sell the same Matcha with their own labels).

Thank to the Matcha Latte, Matcha Green Tea became popular worldwide anyway. In 2017 people outside Japan should become to be able to judge the quality of Matcha. You do not need to drink expensive low grade matcha for your health. Truly high quality matcha is Delicious!

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