The Color of Matcha Green Tea Posted on 14 Jun 21:26 , 0 comments

The Color of Matcha Green Tea - Grace & Green

When you google "Matcha Green Tea'' as image, you can find many matcha powder from different matcha brands. As you can see clearly all matcha powder have different color each other. The easiest way to find good matcha is to find matcha that has bright emerald green color. 

The problem is we can edit photos very easy with a photo editing software. Matcha is very different tea from other teas. There are many people who love matcha but there are also some people who hate it. When I drank matcha for the first time in my life, I did not like it just because it was low quality one. After that I had a chance to have high quality one then I became matcha addictive.

It is very hard to find high quality matcha outside Japan, but there are truly high quality ones. If you were disappointed in your first matcha, try to find famous matcha brand in Japan not matcha from single estate farm. High quality matcha is made by Chashi (green tea master) in green tea production companies not by green tea farmers.

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